"The day of my marriage, a secret contract was slipped in amongst the others. The french arranged it with my mother. It gives Scotland to France if I die without an heir. I cannot allow it to stand. Do you understand what I"m saying, I can not allow it. I may live in France, but I have the heart of a Scot. …. I would defy the devil himself if he tried to buy and sell my country. I will not risk Scotland’s freedom.”

frand-of-grimmie asked:

Jill valentine as in resident evil? :D Hi 5, I'm also obsessed with anime, the huger games and manga :)

Oh hi! High 5 as well! Yes, Jill Valentine is my fav RE character, that’s why XD It’s nice to hear from a fellow otaku! XD If you want to talk about those stuff, don’t hesitate to message me :)

NIce to meet you! :D